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Sun’s out, guns out!

As we slowly start to defrost from our winter, you might find yourself looking for some cooler pieces to wear day to day.

Our muscle tees are a very relaxed and generous style with a long fit, long armpit and raw sleeves. 180GSM combed cotton leaves them feeling really soft, and light enough to layer up or wear on their own and keep cool.

Our Lollipop style is our most popular and features either a bright or pastel spiral featuring pinks, purples, yellows, blues and greens.

Cotton is a natural fibre, and the non-toxic dyes we use actually attach permanently to natural fibres and create a bond, rather than just coating the fibres. This means that our colours are built to last, and retain their vibrancy. The dyes we use to colour our clothing are all non-toxic, and safe for even the most sensitive skin.


Just like our beautiful clothes, every body is unique - if in doubt, size up!
Keep in mind that some ladies have will have larger or smaller hips, bums and tums than others - you know your body best so adjust your sizing accordingly for the type of fit you prefer. If you really want an oversized/baggy fit you could consider upsizing 2-3 sizes, however these are a generous style as is.

Instructions for Care:
Please remember that your piece is precious, and should be washed only in cold water washes with like-colours, and hung out to dry on the line.
Please never tumble dry your Colour Society garments as they may shrink. 

Each Colour Society piece is a complete one off and unique in it's own special way. We hand mix a lot of our own dyes, and as we do small batch dying the strengths and hues of our colours can differ. Colour and dye placements etc will differ piece to piece. Tie Dye is a beautiful art because the results are usually hard to control - which is what makes it so special!
Please keep this in mind as returns for change of mind are not accepted. 

All orders are shipped within 1-14 days of order being received subject to stock availability.