Colour Chart

The best source of inspiration for our colours is directly from our Instagram feed - we have so many different dye colours and they can all appear differently. Often our dye colours blend to create their own colours! 

To make things a little simpler, we've detailed some of the many colours we offer - the list below is not an exhaustive list at all, but it should help. If you see something there that you like and want on your piece please let us know.



Bolds, Pastels, and Mid-Strength's
We can manipulate the dilution of our colours to create either strong bold and vibrant colours, or create soft dreamy pastels. Likewise we can find a middle ground and give you a mid-strength colour. If the strength of your dye is important to your vision, please make sure to let us know at the time of order. The image below shows 2 hoodies which are created using the same colours but one is in pastel and one is in bold to show you the difference.

What is the dot on my pastel garment? What are dye pockets? 

Sometimes when we are mixing your dye or creating particularly light pastel colours, tiny flecks of the powder dye will remain on your garment. These will be very small, and often unnoticed to the eye (unless you're looking really close!). These are unavoidable and just apart of what makes your garment so unique. We'll try to avoid them, but we're only human! Please be mindful if you're ordering a pastel (or peach!) piece that these tiny dye pockets might occur. We are a small batch, handmade biz - if you're after printed tie dye that is mass produced then we aren't the shop for you!

That awkward disclaimer where we have to remind you that we aren't mass produced machine garments:
Please remember that you are not purchasing from mass produced printed 'tie dye' clothing (that isn't actually even tie dyed!). We are a small handmade business and using small batch dyes often means that our colours can appear slightly different to what is on your screen. Even the temperature on the night we dye can effect the result! That being said - we're pretty sure we've got the knack of this tie dye thing, so most of the time we're bang on.