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Our Waikiki Crew Sweater is a beautiful dreamy blend of blues/green like the kinds of ocean hues you see on a postcard!

Beautifully crafted with sturdy cuffs on the hips, neckline and wrists and a fleecy inner - your sweater will keep you warm in winter or allow for a breeze around your neckline in the milder weather too. 

Just like our beautiful clothes, every body is unique! 
We have a below size guide for you to refer to as a guide however we do recommend that you also refer to measurements. If in doubt, size up!
Keep in mind that some ladies have will have larger or smaller hips, bums and tums than others - you know your body best so adjust your sizing accordingly for the type of fit you prefer. If you really want an oversized/baggy fit you could consider upsizing 2-3 sizes.

For a relaxed fit we recommend as a general guide:

6 - 8 / S*
10 - 12 / M*
12 - 14 / L
14 - 16 / XL
18 - 20 / 2XL
20 - 22 / 3XL
22 - 24 / 4XL
24 - 26 / 5XL

Instructions for Care:
Please remember that your piece is precious, and should be washed only in cold water washes with like-colours, and hung out to dry on the line.
Please never tumble dry your Colour Society garments as they may shrink. 

Each Colour Society piece is a complete one off and unique in it's own special way. We hand mix a lot of our own dyes, and as we do small batch dying the strengths and hues of our colours can differ. Colour and dye placements etc will differ piece to piece. Tie Dye is a beautiful art because the results are usually hard to control - which is what makes it so special!
Please keep this in mind as returns for change of mind are not accepted. 

We usually wouldn’t recommend trying to match indivudual items in a ‘set’ as the dyes tones and strength can differ slightly with each piece as we hand mix all our dyes in small batches  

All orders are shipped within 1-14 days of order being received subject to stock availability.