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Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows Everywhere!

Our Lollipop style is one of our most requested - each hoodie is a completely unique piece that you won't find anywhere else in the world.

Beautifully crafted with sturdy cuffs on the hip and wrists with a kanga pocket, soft lined hood and a fleecy inner - your hoodie is sure to keep you cosy and warm in winter but versatile and bright enough for the milder months too.

Each of our hoodies are hand dyed with lots of love and care, and feature a spiral of pastel blue, pink, yellow and purple. Please be mindful that these pieces are hand dyed individually to create a piece that is totally unique to you! 

Instructions for Care:
Please remember that your piece is precious, and should be washed only in cold water washes with like-colours, and hung out to dry on the line.
Please never tumble dry your Colour Society garments as they may shrink. 

Each Colour Society piece is a complete one off and unique in it's own special way. We hand mix a lot of our own dyes, and as we do small batch dying the strengths and hues of our colours can differ. Colour and dye placements etc will differ piece to piece. Tie Dye is a beautiful art because the results are usually hard to control - which is what makes it so special!
Please keep this in mind as returns for change of mind are not accepted.